‹(•¿•)› i’m gonna be out with my brother all day tomorrow 


The day after that, a photographer had come and shot them for a spread in “The Advocate,” and John still couldn’t believe Irene had gotten them to agree to that, although it had produced John’s favorite of any photograph taken of them.   

SQUEEE.  The lovely and talented anotherwellkeptsecret has drawn this awesome fanart, which is of the photo referenced in the above clip from the “Performance in a Leading Role” wedding sequel/midquel.

I described to Kelley the photo I was imagining, one that played with John and Sherlock’s public personas - making Sherlock quiet and demure while John looks a bit predatory.

billnyejpg asked: i just put my whole hand in my ass


Great question!

Funnyman Adam Sandler was responsible for director Quentin Tarantino’s cameo in Little NIcky, as they are both founders and members of their band, Sandler & Tarantino! BLENDED hits theaters nationwide May 23!

i think the guy who plays pleakley is in sky high


~click for weird cute mpreg porn what the fuck~

i’ve never drawn mpreg porn so i figured why the shit not

and it’s fucking cute omegaverse trash

don’t look at me

i can’t believe alex left and didn’t see me pathetically cosplaying her art

✿ thank u

this robe was a christmas present two years ago sjhgd  when i got it i was like yes. indoor sherlock cosplaying.


you know that whimper sherlock makes in teh when john’s telling him to think? yeah? that’s the sound he makes when john pushes into him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m laughing. thats the saddest thing i’ve ever seen

spiderman filming was the front page headline on all of the rochester newspapers and it was the hot topic in the teacher’s lounge probably


idk i really like how they made it more true to the original story and i love andrew as peter

also u should see the second one regardless because they filmed parts of it in my city